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Participate in a new research study!

University College London (UCL) researchers are looking for volunteers in London (UK) to help understand the challenges faced by people with Developmental Topographical Disorientation.


Volunteers could participate in a 30-minute study taking place in Russell Square (London), and receive £10 in compensation for their time (and a free hot drink from the local cafe). The 30 minutes will consist of 15 minutes playing the researchers' award-winning video game "Sea Hero Quest", and 15 minutes hunting for virtual treasure by walking along the paths of the Russell Square parkThe study is run by Professor Hugo Spiers, who has obtained ethics approval from UCL for this research study.


The findings from this research study will help improve tools for assessing navigation and aid architects seeking to design better hospitals and other buildings to avoid people being lost. If interested, please email


If not in London, and you would like to contribute to the research study by trying out the "Sea Hero Quest" videogame on your own phone or tablet, please email us at and we will share a link to allow you to unlock the game. 

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