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Our online assessment includes a new generation of task that we have recently developed. The assessment is made up of two parts. The first part consists of a consent form and a series of questionnaires, and the second part consists of a set of interactive tasks. You do not need to complete all the tasks at once, your progress is saved at the end of each task. After you have completed our online assessment, you will have access to our training program. Access to the online assessments is provided through an account on our forum. Click here to access the forums and testing platform.


Our training program consists of a series of sessions in which you will practice how to reach different locations within a virtual (video game like) town. Locations are identified with different environmental landmarks, and practice increases in difficulty as landmarks become more distant from one another. The training program simulates the development of orientation and navigational skills as it occurs in children. At this time, the training program is available only for Windows. We are currently working to make it available to Mac users. The training program is made available after completing the online assessment.


The interactive online assessment and training program require you to download and unzip/extract a program to your desktop, and require an active internet connection to record your progress.

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